Saturday, March 5, 2011

oil in water.

Did you know that if you add oil to boiling water it will prevent it from boiling over?

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Extreme Egg Night

With chickens you get eggs and tons of them...not to mention the duck, guina hens , peacocks, pigeon and other eggs that you collect put in the incubator or you have a few sitting hens or you sell to the neighbors :)
So I am on a mission to create some great egg recipes with my family as we are going to have EGG night once a week. You tube is my cookbook at times as there are so many great cooks there. You can follow me on you tube at RuthiesCouponChannel . 
I am going to challenge all of my readers of this blog to join me in Extreme Egg Night... share your tips and recipes and let's make it memorable. Please share this blog on your twitter or facebook account.

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